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16 May
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|So I sat around, watching the world go by. I stood up, I decided I was tired of watching. But I sat back down because I realised I was too tired.|

I like to help people. People say I'm easy to talk to. I am a complete and utter guard addict; my instructor says I'll be an instructor myself. I hate hurting people, but I have issues with telling the truth about myself. I avoid at all costs talking about my problems because no one needs to hear them; why should they deal with my shit.

All you writers out there, I'd be more than happy to beta for you. Although my fandom reach isn't that great, I'll help with what I know (even if I don't know that fandom, I'll happily help with spelling, grammar and flow).

that_novel_live Go and enjoy the madness! Be free my pretties!

"How come no one told me, all throughout history, the loneliest people were those who always spoke the truth, the ones who made a difference by withstanding indifference. I guess it's up to me now: Should I take the risk or just smile?"
-"Misread," Kings of Convenience


Eleanor Nagle kicks ass. I am her hero.

I am also GOD, in case you didn't know. Rachael is JESUS, and Christina is the NEXT COMING. pwned.
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